Congratulations to the 2018 Conservation Poster Contest Winners!

The topic for the 2018 conservation poster contest was “Watersheds: Our Water, Our Home”.  Students in grades 2-12 learned all they could about what a watershed is and how it functions.. A watershed carries water “shed” from the land after rain falls and snow melts. Water is channeled into soils, groundwater, creeks, and streams, making its way to larger rivers and eventually the sea. All of the water under or draining off of a particular watershed goes into the same place. Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes. They cross county, state and national boundaries. Some are millions of square miles, others are just a few acres. The important thing about watersheds is that what we do on the land affects water quality for all communities living downstream.

2018 Conservation Poster Contest Brochure


Grades 2nd – 3rd
Scarlett Zhang
Dorchester Elementary School
Woodcliff Lake

Grades 4th – 6th
Summer Zhang
Woodcliff Lake Middle School
Woodcliff Lake

Grades 7th – 9th
Erica Chung
Paramus High School

Grades 10th – 12th
Colin Song
Bergen County Technical School