Congratulations to the 2019 Conservation Poster Contest Winners!

The topic for the 2019 conservation poster contest was “Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper“.  Students in grades 2-12 learned all they could about what lives in the soil. It is very important to understand that we all need healthy soil. Plants grow in soil. Soil cleans the water we drink and grows the food we eat. Houses are built on soil. Soil takes thousand or even millions of years to form. Healthy soil increases the amount of available ground to farm. Recycling can keep soil healthy by cutting down on our need for landfills, mining and the need to cut trees. Composting also gives soil nutrients that it needs to grow healthy plants and trees. Only 10% of Earth’s land surface has suitable soil, which is why it is vital that we practice good soil conservation.   2019 Conservation Poster Contest Brochure



Grades 2nd – 3rd
Adelina Muller

Grades 4th – 6th
Sophia Yeo
Fort Lee

Grades 7th – 9th
Mandy Zhang

Grades 10th – 12th
Colin Song